21 March 2014

Day 42 - Post Build Check Collection

Job 129 - Paper Work Preparation

This mornings job involved sorting our the paper required for the IVA and Registration, not very exciting but had to be done. Once complete this was all put in the car along with the badges & Battery Master Switch.

Job 130 - Loading

My Mum and Dad arrived shortly before Keith from Caterham Midlands turned up. Following a cup of Coffee it was time for Keith to do a visual check of the car before loading into the enclosed trailer (very nice).
In the Garage ready to be loaded - I realised how small it was when there is room either side of the car even with the Shelves in place! My Clio Trophy wouldn't have had the same space with out the shelves and that wasn't a big car!
The Trailer being prepared for loading
Caterham's Tow Vehicle
Ready for Inspection
Driving it into the trailer
In the tailer! All I need to do is get out now! :-)


  1. A great colour Dominic. It really pops in the sunshine. Is it relief that it has gone to Caterham Midlands or a sense of temporary loss?

    I noted you talked about tube for the brake pipes. Is that for the connections bolted to the ali panels or for the length of the tube itself?

    Fingers crossed for you.


  2. Hi Dominic,

    Do you have your car yet? I also think the colour is great? I'm looking forward to some more photos of you out and about. Caterham have told me that production on all cars has been delayed by a week so as to ensure quality control. Should be ready for September. I hope there is some sun left in this summer by then!!


    1. Ant,

      I have got the car back and lots to update on the blog when I get a minute. :-) The car is now ready for its first service! :-)

      I will update shortly.