12 March 2014

Day 36 - Bonnet Clips, Hoodsticks, Boot Poppers, Windscreen & Brake Re-bleeding (4 Hours)

Following the arrival of the Air Riveter I couldn't resist having a play with it! First of all I found a piece of old metal sheet and drilled a hole and tried it for the first time! I was impressed with the hand riveter and what a satisfying feeling it was to use that, this had the same effect again! Wow, what a great bit of kit, highly recommended as there is very little recoil reducing the risk of damage to the paint work and it's cool to use! :-)

Job 105 - Refitting the Bonnet Clips

These had been removed again for the application of the Paint Protection Film so they needed to be reinstalled. The fronts are a bolt and nut and apart from access are easy enough to install and for the rears the Air Riveter was used! :-)

Powder Coated Front Bonnet Catches (Little Touches) 
Powder Coated Rear Bonnet Catch
Job 106 - Hoodsticks

An easy job, simply taking the Hoodsticks apart and threading the hood cords and then rebuilding and fixing to the body using the screws supplied. It was then a case of drilling holes into the rear chassis tube and measuring/marking the correct distance on the cord from the rear Hoodstick to the top of the boot. Once measured the cords were fixed in place using self tapping screws.

Drilling the hole in the chassis tube for the Hood Stick Cords - Used the air drill as no room for my normal drill!
Job 107 - Boot Poppers

Again using the Air Riveter I positioned the popper bases in situ and riveted them in place.

First popper bases fixed
Popper bases fixed
Job 108 - Windscreen & Wipers

This was an easy job and just a case of reinstalling the Windscreen - Thank goodness for requesting the quick change windscreen set up! The only challenge is reconnecting the heated screen under the dashboard. It was then a case of fitting the windscreen wipers (after rounding the ends of the wiper blades as per IVA requirements)! Comically small. :-)

Windscreen & Wipers fitted
Job 109 - Locating the 12v power socket leads

I ordered a 12v power socket at the same time as ordering the car and decieded that before fitting the interior of the car it would be best to try and locate the lead for this! Alex assisted with this job! I had to lift him into the car so that he could see under the dashboard, cut the required zip ties and free up the cable!
Alex in place! :-)
Job 110 - Tightening the Front Brake Hoses & Re-bleeding the brakes

Final job for the day was to try and sort the brakes out once and for all. I had spotted a drop (literally) below each hose on the Calipers at the front end of the car, so it was obvious that overnight it had seeped out and was not quite tight enough! Tightening the hoses was easy, but it did cause an issue! It coiled the brake hose up as follows:

Coiled Brake Hose - Not quite sure how to fix!

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