10 March 2014

Day 35 - Rear Lights, Brake Bleeding, P-Clips & Restarting (2 Hours)

I had a number of jobs to complete today to do with the other vehicles in the garage! The main task was to get the KTM MOT'd so I didn't spend much time working on the Caterham today.

Job 101 - Fitting the Fog, Reversing & Number plate light

Now that all the work has been completed on the paint work I decided to start putting the bits I took off before painting back on the car.An easy job which simply required re-bolting them all in place.

Fog, Reversing & Number Plate light refitted
Job 102 - Re-bleeding the Brakes

Roger popped around for an hour so we took the opportunity to re-bleed the brakes which didn't take long.

Job 103 - P-Clipping the Handbrake Cable

I had never really been happy with the Handbrake fixing solution in the manual (Zip ties)! So when I saw that Andrew Bissell had used P-Clips to fix the cable, a much better solution in my opinion! I shamelessly copied it. :-) Thanks Andrew.

Offside Handbrake Cable
Nearside Handbrake Cable
Job 104 - Restarting

Following the first start last night I wanted to restart the car at a decent hour, but despite being on charge all evening the car wouldn't start properly, it just clicked!

I discovered after a lot of head scratching that it was because the battery terminal connections weren't great. I ended up removing the terminals, wire brushing the battery terminals, a dab of copper grease and replacing a 'furry' battery bolt and bingo, it started straight off. Happy Days. :-)

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  1. Dominic, It's looking good and coming on well. I can't claim any credit for the P-Clips. Paul and Peter from LADS told me it was an IVA requirement. Tie wraps are no longer allowed.

    Glad your engine is up and running. Mine is but I am not 100% happy with the idle when cold / warm etc. The engine is hunting. It's going to Caterham Midlands early April so I am sure they will sort it.