13 March 2014

Day 37 - Knee Trim Panels, Sill Protectors, Tunnel Cover & Gear Knob & Seats - Part 1 (1 Day)

Job 111 - Re-bleeding the Brakes

First job of the day was to check the brakes to see if there had been any further leaks over night, there wasn't! I opted to re-bleed the brakes for (hopefully) the last time.

Job 112 - Knee Trim Panels

I knew the Knee Trim Panels required rubber covering for the IVA, so I decided to fit this prior to fitting to the car and speaking to Derek they advised the use of Superglue to fix in place.

Superglue applied and waiting for it to dry a bit
Although the knee panels are pre drilled all the drill holes are in the wrong locations (seems that this is the same for everyone, so why do they do it?!). These were positioned along with the rubber trim and re-drilled.
Re-drilling the holes in the correct location!
Job 113 - Sill Protectors
Now that the Knee Protectors were ready to be fixed we could fix the side panels and Sill Protectors in place. With everything in place I drilled the holes in the rubber trim and positioned rivets in the holes starting from the front and working towards the back. It was then out with the Air Riveter again and the job was soon completed. :-)

Air Riveter made life so much easier - Highly recommended if you have an Aldi Compressor! :-)
We did 3 rivets at a time holding the rubber trim in the correct location 
Job 114 - Tunnel Cover & Gear Knob

An easy job, just a case of pulling the Handbrake up and sliding the Tunnel Cover over and attaching the Gear Knob.

Before Tunnel Cover 
After Tunnel Cover is fitted
I did notice that there was a gap at the back of the Tunnel Cover! I am giving Caterham the benefit of doubt and assume this is to allow hot air out of the transmission tunnel ;-)

Transmission Tunnel Cover Gap - To hot air to escape from the Transmission Tunnel maybe ;-)
Job 115 - Seats - Part 1

Now that the interior was in it was time to move on to fitting the seats! Or so we thought!

We started by gathering the items needed for fitting the seats, the drivers is adjustable and the passenger is fixed!

The first issue was that the packs listed in the manual don't match those supplied and hence the description of the bolts to use is all to cock. We started by fitting the shorter bolts between the seat and rails and then changed them for the longer bolts on the basis of how far they would stick through the car! We used loctite to secure them as there were only 4 spring washers to cover both sides of the car?!

It was then a case of deciding which way to fit the seat rails to the fixed seat!

Left Hand - Wrong          Right Hand - Correct
Passenger Seat with the fixed rail
Drivers Seat with the adjustable rail
Now that the seats were on their rails is was a case of trying to fit them to the car! We started with the Passenger Seat which initially seemed to wide to fit! So Alex sat in it to try and force it down (but wasn't heavy enough) I then sat in it and it dropped at the front and we managed to fix the front 2 bolts but the backs were some way off! By this time Caterham had closed and we decided to post on Blatchat and received replies very quickly, but nothing other than to persist with it really or try and winch it down into the car! I didn't have any bolts long enough though, so it would have to wait until tomorrow and a call to Caterham!

We positioned the seats in the car so they didn't get knocked and left it there for the day.

Seats balanced in the car


  1. Gap behind transmission tunnel top is because you don't have a rear bulkhead carpet

  2. Knee trim panels - rear of panel fits right up to scuttle, in fact tucks in a couple of mm.
    Then holes line up - except for two. These are, from the rear going forward- towards engine - no.6 and no. 9 (the front-most, right under the scuttle) .Ignore them. Put Self Tappers in the rest.