20 March 2014

Day 41 - Front Wings, IVA Trim - Part 2 & First Drive (4 Hours)

I had a few hours to try and finish off the final items before it gets collected tomorrow!

Job 123 - Front Wing - IVA Trim & Final Fitment

In order to the car to pass the IVA test there needs to be rubber trim bonded to the cycle wings and any sharp edges. I used contact adhesive to do this, applying only to the inside of the wings.

Readied for Rubber trim
Contact Adhesive applied - waiting for it to dry
 Whilst the Rubber trim had been applied I followed some advise provided by a fellow Caterham Builder and applied some foam trim to the wingstays, preventing movement as well as cushioning the wings.
Foam Applied to the Wing Stays
I then attached the Wings Stays using Zip Ties and covered the wires connections with ACF50 before connecting and covering with windscreen washer pipe to provide some protection against the elements.

Front Wing fixed in place and Side Repeaters connected
Job 124 - IVA Trim - Part 2

I then went around the rest of the car trying to complete the IVA trim (where I had enough trim):

  • Reversing & Fog Lights
  • Seat Belt Bolts (Even though not fully torqued)
  • ECU Bolts
  • Front Lower Wishbone Bolts - Where I had trim

Other Items I couldn't complete due to lack of Trim were as follows:

  • Rubber Pipe for the following:
    • Front Brake Pipes
    • Top Ball Joints
    • Steering Column Boss
  • Lower Wishbone Bolts - Where trim was missing

Other items Tom at Caterham recommended I didn't do at this stage:

  • Dashboard Stickers
  • Bung hole in the bottom of the Wishbones
  • Top Shock Collar Radius

Job 125 - Wheel Fitment

After the wings were all in place I fitted the wheels so that it was ready to take off the Axle Stands and sit on its own wheels once again.

Wheels in place and ready to be taken off the Axle Stands
Job 126 - Removing from Axle Stands

Katey and I followed the same method as last time by jacking the back up and removing the axle stands before lowering (with the Handbrake on this time). I then lowered the front end and lowered the car to the ground.

Job 127 - Nose Cone & Bonnet Fitment

Final jobs before switching the Caterham and the bikes around ready for collection was to move refit the Nose Cone and Bonnet. We fixed the Nose Cone in place and noticed that the Anti-Rollbar was catching the Nose Cone so we removed it and used the Dremel to open up the location around the Anti-Rollbar before refitting. It was then a case of refitting the Bonnet.

Car Completed - Bar the Side Screens & headlights way off line!
Job 128 - First Drive

I wanted Katey to see the car move for the first time, so we decided to switch the Caterham and bikes around ready for tomorrow!

It was the first time I had sat in the drivers seat, so quite an emotional moment!

First time in the drivers seat! :-)
Katey then directed me out of the garage past the shelves at the side located in front of the Car whilst recording a video!

First Drive completed - Really pleased with the colour choice changes with different lighting 
No Flash used for this photo and a markedly different colour!

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