14 March 2014

Day 38 - Harness Adjustment & Seats - Part 2 (1 Hour)

Job 116 - Harness Adjustment

Following a call to Derek at Caterham I explained the issue I was having with positioning the seats and the fact that I couldn't get the backs low enough as they were catching on the harness bolts on the transmission tunnel side and he asked me which holes I had used! Derek informed me that I should be using the forward bolt holes and not the back ones!

I went out to the car and relocated the inner Harness from the back holes to the front holes and the seats dropped into position.
Original Harness Location - Wrong
Revised Harness Location - Correct
I tried to fit the seats by myself, but gave up fairly quickly as it is really a 2 person job. I shall come back to it next week.

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