3 March 2014

Day 29 - Torquing the Back End & Fitting the Boot Cover (2.5 Hours)

This weeks tasks involved preparing the car ready for Dave at Premier Paint Guard to come and apply Scotchguard protective film on the paintwork. In order to do so I would need to put the car on the ground so Dave would have a solid/static car to work on.

Job 91 - Torquing the back end

Dale popped around to help this evening which meant that i had someone else to double check the torqued bolts and provide piece of mind. :-)

Job 92 - Relocating the Speed Sensor

The speed sensor socket came zip tied to the chassis inside the A-Frame, which didn't sit well with me as it is a thin wire that could easily be sliced by the Anti-roll bar or A-Frame! We routed the socket and the wiring as neatly as we could up the back of the bulkhead along with other wiring.

Relocated Speed Sensor away from the A-Frame
Job 93 - Fitting the Boot Cover

Having asked my Mum to remove the metal bar out of the Boot Cover, the boot cover was ready to fit. First of all we offered up the cover the the rear bulkhead behind the seats and marked the location of the harness bolts opening them up with a Stanley knife.

We positioned them as instructed an started to tighten and this is where the issue came! Every time we tightened the bolts it rucked the cover, we tried applying some grease to the top of the cover, but still no joy! Does anyone have any other ideas?!

Boot Cover Loosely fitted before the rucking!

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