8 March 2014

Day 33 - Paint Protection Preparation & Application (7 Hours)

Job 95 - Preparation

I dragged Katey out of bed to help me get ready for Dave arriving! Thanks for your help Hun. x
  • First job was to switch on the electric heater to warm up the garage
  • Refit the cycle wings a nice quick and easy job
  • We refitted the rear wings and rubbers
  • Loosely fitted the wheels
  • Swept the floor & used the air compressor to blow any dust/polish off the car
  • Lowered the car off the axle stands - As I have no brake fluid in yet, I put the car in gear and lowered the rear end first
Rear End Lowered - Thank goodness for my low profile jack!
  • Then lowered the front end of the car - First time it had been on the ground and I forgot how low they are! Made Katey and I both laugh 

On the floor for the first time! :-)
Ground clearance or lack of! :-)
  • Sat in the drivers footwell (no seats yet) and both grinned gormlessly!

Katey Initially got in the passenger side, I let her sit in the drivers side this time. Don't get used to it! ;-)
  • Fitted the nosecone & bonnet
Job 96 - 3M Scotchgaurd Fitment

Dave from Premier Paint Guard arrived at 10.30 and after a cup of tea we went out to the garage to look at the task in hand. First of all Dave measured the temperature of the panels and we discovered that it was some were a little too cold, so it was on with the Propane Heater.

Dave started with fitting film to the flat panels the rear filler cap protector was first

Dave's mobile office set up and ready to work
Filler Cap protection applied - Can you see it?!
Dave had pre-cut most of the panels prior to arriving with templates he has created over a number of years, but the side panels are cut to fit on the car using a template that is created by applying a film to the car and then marking up.
Side Panel template film in position
Dave removing the side template
Cutting the film from the template
Dave completed the work at about 4pm having added an additional strip to cover the top of the boot. I am really pleased with the results of the work that Dave has done and would highly recommend any others building theirs to use Dave at Premier Paint Guard either for supply only or to use his fitting service. Highly recommended.


  1. Hi Dominic,
    Looking good. Particularly jealous of your jack. Jut looking at your steering rack, it seems to stick out a lot on one side. Is it the photograph or have they perhaps sent the wrong steering rack?

  2. I'm hoping it is because it is an S3 with wide track. With yours being an SV you won't see as much of it?! Maybe!