23 February 2014

Day 26 - RHS Side Repeater, Rear Arch Removal & Radius Arm Reattachment (1 Hour)

After a night out on the tiles last night I really wasn't up for doing much at all today! Never again! :-)

Alex gave me a lift home having stayed at his and we tackled a couple of quick jobs.

Job 84 - RHS Side Repeater

Following the arrival of some more heat shrink we completed the wire routing for the RHS Headlight & Side Repeater
RHS lighting routed inside the car
Job 85 - Rear Arch Removal & Radius Arm Reattachment

We removed the rear wings as the carbon stone protectors need to be fitted also allowing us access to refit the Radius Arms which was definitely a 2 person job.

Radius Arm Reattached

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