3 February 2014

Day 19 - Battery Connection & Front Wing Fitment (1 hour)

My brother (Alex) popped round on his day off to catch up with where I had got to with the build and he asked if there was anything quick that we could look at doing.

Job 65 - Front Cycle Wing Fitment

Having prepped the Cycle Wings over the weekend, Alex offer to help fitting them. We chatted about the best way to do it and ended up positioning the wings where they needed to be. Whilst I held them in place, Alex drew around the BigHeads, we checked the position and distance (75mm) from the front wing stay to ensure they were in line.

Marked Front Wings
We removed them, wiped the wings and BigHeads with Isopropyl Alcohol and applied AS Acrylic Adhesive to the BigHeads. We took end each of the wing and placed it where we had marked up. Whilst I held the wing in place, Alex checked they were central and positioned correctly in relation to the front wing stay. We then swapped over and I measured and then repeated the process with the other wing.
AS Acrylic Adhesive being applied to the BigHeads
Front Cycle Wings in fixed in position
Job 66 - Battery Connection

As you can probably see from previous posts, I didn't have the battery in situ so having located my Optimate adapter (purchased before the kit arrived) I decided to fit the battery. I connected the battery to the leads with a nut and bolt (not specified in the manual) snapping the terminal covers in the process! :-(

On the plus side this meant that the red immobiliser light on the dash started flashing slowly, we have power. :-) I then waited for Katey to come out before, putting the keys in the ignition and turning on. You can see the results below. A big moment given how long the electrics had been sat waiting to be completed.

First switch on - Zero miles on the clock :-)
We then checked to see what switches worked, starting form the right of the dashboard.
  • Hazard Warning Lights Front - Check (Side Repeaters and Rears not wired)
  • Fan/Heater - Check (Tested the heater on both settings)
  • Windscreen Wipers - Check (Tested on both speeds - It will be interesting to see the tiny wipers in place)
  • Indicators - Check
  • Horn - Check - Ouch - very loud in the Garage
  • Lights - Nothing happened (Hoping it is because the back lights aren't on)
  • Headlight Flasher - Check (Headlights Flashed)

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