2 February 2014

Day 18 - Wing Preparation (3 hours)

Having had such a productive day yesterday, today felt like a bit of a let down. People are very right about the initial stages being the ones that you see the car really develop. Getting further on the jobs are more time consuming with little visible change.

Job 62 - Front Wing Preparation

Having looked at Tom Wood's and Steve Grubb's blogs about the BigHeads, I used the two of them to prepare the front wings. This still ended up being a time consuming job as I wanted to to be as sure as possible, checking and re-checking.
Marking out the centre and 85mm from the front wing edge 
BigHeads zip tied to the Wing Stays
Alignment mark - lined up with the centre groove of the tyre
Same at the front side of the wing
Once centred about the wheel moved so that there was 75-77mm from the Front end to the front Wing Stay. I then marked up on the side of the Wing Stay and wing. 
Job 63 - Rear Wings - Radius Arm Opening

First job was to place them up to the edge of the car and see how they would fit. The wings are drilled for both radius arm locations, but the manual mentioned that they are not ready to fit straight away as they are prepared for strength. There are 2 options, the First is to unto the Radius Arm, the Second which I took meant getting the Dremmel out and opening up the lower hole to allow the wing to slide over the Radius Arm and flush against the body.

Lower Radius Arm Hole masked up ready for attacking with the Dremmel (Cordless made it nice and easy)
Job 64 - Rear Wings - Stone Guards

I haven't decided whether to fit the Stone Guards or not yet, but Thought I would start to prepare them anyway. In order to do so I took Tom's advice and used insulation tape to secure the rubber piping to the Stone Guard.
Not too neat, but it won't be seen when on - Not really sure how you would do it without the insulation tape

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