22 February 2014

Day 25 - Detailing, Gearbox Pug, Harness & Tunnel Panel (1 Day)

Today was set aside for Ben to come and undertake some detailing on the paint work. Ben wanted to get started early and arrived at 8.15 and left at 17:30 so a long day. The car looks great, Thanks Ben.

Job 80 - Detailing
Compound used to take some of the lacquer off
Compound takes all the shine out of the paint work 
Some of the lacquer being taken off  
The wheel arch is some what dulled by the application of compound
Ben hard at work and Alex with his head in the wheel arch!
Polish applied before using the polish 

From the back in fading light! Thank goodness for the mobile Axle Stands, although I should have unlocked one of the front castors! :-) 
From the Front
From the side
Job 81 - Gearbox Plug

Having read a few posts about filling the gearbox there are 3 trains of thought!

  1. Fill it before putting it in the car - The easiest, but no mention of this in the build manual and too late now!
  2. Cut an L-shaped Allen Key so that it has a shorter 15mm straight before the bend
  3. Cut 15mm length off an Allen Key and Araldite it into the plug.
I took the 3rd option and used the trusty Dremel to cut an Allen Key I purchased for the job.

Sparks flying
Not sure how Katey managed to get this with my phone, but looks good. :-)
Gearbox Plug and Allen Key section pressed in the vice whilst the Araldite set

Job 82 - Harnesses - Test Fit

Whilst Ben was detailing the car I looked for a couple of other jobs to do where I wouldn't be in the way. I decided to focus inside the car and looked to loosely fit the harnesses as they would need to be taken off to do the boot cover later.

4 point harnesses in place
Job 83 - Transmission Tunnel Plate

The second job was to fix the transmission tunnel plate in place with rivets. I had to get the Dremel out to open up some of the holes a little so that I could put a rivet in each hole.

Rivets in place ready to be pop riveted
Last Rivet :-)

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  1. My free draper rivet gun gave up the ghost doing that plate. The silver bit at the front just won't tighten up anymore. Luckily I had an old one spare.