16 February 2014

Day 24 - Lower Floor Sealing, LHS Side Repeater, Hoodstick Preparation & Sill Protectors (6 hours)

I spent some time trying to think of jobs that wouldn't affect access for Ben when he comes round on the weekend to undertake the detailing. Alex joined me to assist with some of the build.

Job 76 - Lowered Floor Sealing

Having let the ACF50 in the side panels and the transmission tunnel settle we cleaned up any residue that had worked its way out and I looked to add additional sealant to around the lowered floors. I used Tigerseal to do the having used it before on the tin top.
Make Sure you use gloves with Tigerseal - It's very sticky indeed!
Job 77 - Side Repeater Preparation

First job of the day was to remove the front cycle wings from the Wing Stays to access how best to wire up the LED side repeaters. I purchased some bullet connectors during the week with the aim of creating a system that could be disconnected quickly and easily.

Bullet Connectors - Top 2 are the Originals, Bottom 2 are with Plastic removed
We decided to start at the at the cycle wing end of things and solder the male end of the Bullet Connectors on to the LED wiring. The gas powered Soldering Iron came in very hand as there are no wires to worry about like the last Soldering Iron I used!

Warming up the Soldering Iron
Once the Bullet Connectors had been attached to the Side Repeaters it was time to look at the wiring in to the body.

As the standard Indicators had a long enough cable with the socket to attached to the end of it. We decided to cut the lead and utilise that, as I was not screwing the cycle wing to the stay we decided to feed the Earth wire through to the body along with the Positive. We figured out that it would be best to feed a wire up from the bottom of the wing stay to attach the Positive and Earth to and then pull back through.
Side Repeater Positive & Earth Leads fed through the Wings Stay to measure for length
Once the wires had been cut to length we located suitable earth point inside the car, the cables were removed from the Wing Stay and shrink wrapped before feeding back through the Wing Stay to the top of the Wishbone inside the body. We attached a Ring Connector to the Earth cable and attached this to the Earth on the brake pipe linkage where another Earth was connected.

Soldering the Female Bullet Connector to the Wing Stay Wires
Once the all the Bullet Connectors were soldered we connected the wires up and tested the Indicators again. Nothing from the Side Repeaters, so we changed the connectors around and phew, they worked although faster than normal! Wondering if this was down to the fact they were LED's or that the rear Indicators were missing we connected the rears temporarily, this slowed the flash rate down, RESULT. :-)

We then tried the other lights and nothing from the side or dipped lights! I will have to check the fuses, but as expected there is no indication as to which fuse is for what! A call to Caterham I think to try and get some information about it (for future reference mainly).

Due to a lack of enough heat shrink we left the RHS to do another day.

Job 78 - Hoodstick Preparation

I had looked to fit the Hoodstick as I didn't think it would get in the way of the Detailing, but I was wrong so we just prepared this off the car ready for fitting afterwards.

Adding the hood straps
Job 79 - Sill Protector Preparation

Again these couldn't be fitted at this stage, but they could be prepared.

Fitting the Carbon Sill Protectors in between the body and skin
Tipex pen used to mark the rivet hole locations
Tipex'd hole marks just before drilling

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