12 February 2014

Day 22 - Detailing Discussion & Rear Wing Fitment

Following a slight miss understanding between Ben and I we didn't end up detailing the car this evening.

Job 72 - Detailing Discussion

Ben came around after we had both finished work to have a look at the car and discuss our plan moving forward.

Ben was pleased to see how the car had progressed and to see what work would be required to finalise the paint job. We had a look around the car and had a chat over a brew about the build to date and how I had found it. We have set a date in a couple of weeks time where we will spend a bit more time on the car.

Job 73 - Rear Wing Fitment

I had looked at doing this over the weekend and ended up deciding that it was a 2 person job. Dale was free this evening so we worked on cutting the rubber that fits between the Wing and the Body. We used the garage heater to warm up the rubber before laying it out over the wheel arch and whilst I held the rubber in place Dale cut out the notches to provide a smooth curve around the wing as well as holes for where the fixing bolts go through. Once we had completed one side we offered it up to the car and loosely attached the wing, allowing us to slide the Rubber Trim in from the top to confirm fitment. Slight adjustments were made and the wings were then removed and put back in the dinning room for the time being.
Cutting around the Holes & V Notches in the Rubber Trim
Wing loosely attached
Rubber Trim fitted around the Rear Wing

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