10 February 2014

Day 21 - Detailing Preparation (1 hour)

Ben is due around this week to detail the car, so in order to be able to undertake the work, I decided to fit the nose cone and bonnet so that it was ready and gave a firm base to detail on.

Before fitting the front end
Job 71 - Fitting the Nose Cone & Bonnet

Fitting the nose cone was a bit of a challenge first time around. The fixings didn't seem to marry up, but having read other posts it was a case of brute force to fit!
Nose Cone fitted - Not the Directional Headlight, my version of Cornering lights! :-)
Temporary insulation tape in place - Protective Foam was removed for painting
- Replacement in the post form Caterham.
Painted 7 on the grill :-)
Nose Cone and Bonnet loosely in place - No fixings on the bonnet yet, making it easier to detail
A momentous occasion getting a idea of what it will really look like! :-)

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