15 February 2014

Day 23 - Propshaft Bolts & ACF50 (3 Hours)

Job 74 - Propshaft Bolt Refitting

Further to reading a couple of other blogs and some posts on Blatchat I realised that I had Copper Greased the Propshaft / LSD bolts rather than using loctite!

This meant removing the bolts and all the Copper Grease via a combination of Toothbrush and Cotton Wool Buds! This took an age! :-(

Once I had removed all the Copper Grease I applied loctite to the threads and re-fitted the bolts torquing them up to the required value.

Job 75 - Transmission Tunnel ACF50 Application

I decided to coat the Transmission Tunnel with ACF50 so as to protect as much as possible before the tunnel cover goes on.

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