1 January 2014

Day 8 - Gear Lever, Heater Installation & Hand brake (2 hours)

I looked at continuing with the engine and looking at the pipework and wiring, but wasn't in the right frame of mind! Besides everything I have read about peoples PBC, results in Caterham charging for rewiring! I fancied doing a couple of easy jobs today.

Job 23 - Gear Lever

An easy job, once the Gear Lever is wiggled in to position. Three bolts torqued up and reverse switch fitted and leads connected. Job done.

Gear Lever in position with reverse switch & leads connected
Job 24 - Heater Unit Installation

Following the purchase of a heater after the arrival of the car, I decided that I would look to open the box. Having taken the unit out of the box I made a mental note of how the vent facia was mounted to the actual heater unit (ears up).

Heater as it arrived bolted together - Facia upside down (Ears Up)
Having read about other peoples experiences regarding the heater installation I decided to visit Blatchat and existing posts to see which way up the facia mounts, which cleared things up.

Taking the front and back apart I set about positioning the vent facia, which proved quite difficult as there were a number of cables and the main ECU cable in the way. Struggling on my own, I requested Katey's help to position the Facia as she directed from the front of the car, I managed to wiggle the mounting bolts through.

Facia in place - Note all the wires and the Heater connector
This allowed me to fix the heater unit to the bulkhead, only to realise that I had not put the heater connector through the hole first! I decided rather than taking the facia out again to take the four connectors out of the plastic block and feed them through, reconnecting to the block after they were through. Job done, until I need to connect the pipe work!

Heater bolted to the bulkhead
Job 25 - Hand Brake

Another job I knew I could do on my own and something that had to be done before the diff went in was to install the Hand Brake. Locating the parts being the most time consuming part, again!

As with many others, the thicker Clevis pin that mounts the handbrake to the mount in the transmission tunnel was missing! As others had done I decided to use a nut and bolt as a temporary fix until I can obtain one from Caterham.

I also struggled to get the thin clevis pin through the Hand Brake clevis as the holes were out of alignment (in my opinion a poorly manufactured part) a bit of gentle persuasion with a hammer soon sorted that.

Hand Brake & Clevis from above
Hand Brake & Clevis from below with the temporary nut and bolt
Once the Hand Brake cable was attached to the Hand Brake itself, I looked to fit it to the car and have fitted it as below, which i'm not sure is completely correct at the minute. Hopefully someone reading can shed some light. ;-)
Hand Brake cable mounts. The white end is to be connected to the Rear Diff Carrier. Not sure if the yellow nylon is located correctly!
I did look to start on the De Dion tube, but reading through the manual it refers to a part bolt number 5, but there are only 2 bolt 5's and 4 are required. I will have to wait until Caterham to re-open to find out more!


  1. Dominic, The white part of the handbrake will fit onto the bracket on the diff. I did this today. I ended up having to take the clevis pin out again so I could pull the cable far enough back to hook the white part on. I also found the clevis arm to be very poorly manufactured. It's looking good. I'm currently roughly where you are with a Roadsport 175 SV. http://caterhamsevenbuild.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks. Great blog by the way. Some great tips, including the one about the washer mount! I hadn't twigged that it was mounted to a removable bar! :-(

  2. I always spray a load of Silicon grease up the running no tube into the vehicle also. Also pays to spray some silicon spray into the handbrake cable also.