30 January 2014

Day 16 - Headlight Construction & Airbox (2.5 hours)

Constructing the headlights is well described in the manual, a rarity! It still took a considerable amount of time as I was in the lounge watching TV at the same time, a bit warmer than the garage. :-)

Job 53 - Indicator Pods - IVA Indicator rubber

This ended up being a pain of a job, getting the rubber to stick to the Indicator Pod. I ended up mocking them up and then applying glue to half the mount and fitting the rubber for half the rubber and placing on the bench with a can of paint on top of it. Once the first half was done I used glued the rest using a zip tie to secure the awkward bit at the back of the mount near where the headlight mount locates.

Job 54 - Indicators

Once the rubber had stuck, I installed the indicator into the pod which is as described in the manual.

Job 55 - Headlights & Heat shrinking

Having taken off the original rubber sheathing, I decided to fit some proper heat shrink to the cables, using a 7mm heat shrink for the headlight cables.

Once threaded through the headlight I used a 10mm heat shrink to include the green indicator wire to keep all the wiring tidy before threading through the metal headlight mount.

Inside the headlight - The heat shrink just protruding out the top
Having completed the headlights I can now look to mount them and then the Anti-roll Bar and Radiator. :-)

Job 56 - Airbox

I thought i'd finish off with a nice little job before Katey arrived home. There are no instructions for fitting the airbox, so this is how i did it.

Mounting bobbins  for the airbox
Airbox base with rubber beading around the inlet 
Ford paper air filter - I was surprised it wasn't a K&N or something similar - A future upgrade maybe?! 
Connection Pipe and airbox lid fitted

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