21 January 2014

Day 14 - Coolant Pipework (3 hours)

I started on this having put it off for as long as I could!

Job 47 - Heater Pipe Work

I decided to start at the Heater end of the pipework as I have seen lots of pictures of other peoples blogs. It was relatively straight forward with using Tom Wood's picture. Thanks Tom. 
Holts Rubber Lubricant - Your best friend for this job
Heater Tubing in place - Lots of zip ties used to keep things in place 
Pipework going in and out of the Modine
Job 48 - Anti-roll Bar drop links

Having fitted the Anti-roll Bar I looked to fit the drop links using the bolts provided which were different lengths! Confusing or what! A call to Derek to see what the setup should be.

One side fitted fine
The other side didn't
Different bolt lengths?!
Following a call to Derek he confirmed that the short bolts should be used and arrange to send me a couple out along with a spade connector and nut to connect to the brass T piece.

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