19 January 2014

Day 13 - Breather & Expansion Bottle Fitment (2 hours)

Just a few small jobs for the day, which as usual take longer than you ever expect! :-)

Job 44 - Breather Bottle Fitment

This was a nerve racking job, involving more drilling into the chassis. The difficulty being the location and trying to get a drill into the area.

Drilled Breather Bottle Mount ready for riveting
Breather Bottle Fitted (before the breather pipe hole has been drilled)
Breather Bottle in place with breather pipe pipe fitted - took some readjustment of the pipe to fit

Job 45 - Expansion Bottle

An easy job, but in order to get the pipe routing correct, you have to position the mount sideways as in the picture above. I hadn't realised, but the chassis is threaded for bolt to screw in to.

Expansion Bottle Fitted
Job 46 - Heater Valve Cable

Following my earlier task fitting the Breather Bottle, I was feeling brave with the drill so I decided it was time to drill the hole for the Heater Valve Cable. This was a case of drilling through the bulkhead into the passenger compartment. I'm not sure if this is done for you if you specify a heater at order stage. Fortunately I drilled it in the right location.

From the engine looking in
From inside the passenger compartment

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