18 January 2014

Day 12 - Fitting the De Dion Ears, Hubs & Rear Calipers (5 hours)

Further to confirmation from Derek at Caterham via photos that Caterham's fitment of the drive shafts was similar to mine I moved on to finishing the rest of the items related to the De Dion Tube. Having already loosely constructed this on the work bench in order to fit the brake pipes, I thought this would be a relatively easy job! :-). Everything I had done previously was confirmed by information provided by Derek and Andrews Bissell's very helpful photographs on his blog.

Job 39 - Fitment of the De Dion Ears

This was a relatively easy job once I had the confidence the I wasn't stripping threads. I guess that this is down to the fact that the De Dion tube is powder coated and blocks/fills some of the thread.

Before De Dion Ears Fitted
Ears Fitted
Job 40 - Fitting the rear Hub & Bearing Mount

Again an easy job once the correct bolts have been identified. Make sure the rounded edge is at the top.

Hub Mounts Fitted
Anti-roll Bar Mounts connected to the to the back of the De Dion Ears

Job 41 - Speed Sensor

An easy job provided the sensor aligns with the 'cogged' speed ring on the drive shaft. (Which mine did).
Speed Sensor attached to the Anti-roll Bar Mount

 Job 42 - Hub & Disc Mounting

Fitted easily once the bearings in the hub are aligned correctly. I found it easiest holding the drive shaft horizontal and sliding the hub and disc on. I fitted the first bolt up nice and easily using the Caterham supplied 42mm socket, the other side was a different size though! I ended up doing this up loosely. At this stage the nuts are tightened to 81Nm, but need to be tightened even tighter later on.

Rear Hub and Disc assembly in position with the 42mm nut over the end
Job 43 - Caliper Fittment

I found that fitting the Caliper Mount to the De Dion Ears first, dropping the brake pads sitting on the disc and then dropping the Caliper over the brake pads (not forgetting to put the pad clip in situ first). I then bolted the Caliper on and attached the handbrake cables to the Caliper. Make sure that you loosen off the white nylon lock nut on the handbrake cable, so that it gives you enough slack to fit the lug over the fitment.
Caliper Mount on
Caliper Mounted
Fitting the brake pads

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