23 January 2014

Day 15 - Wiring Connection, Accelerator Cable, Clutch Pipe & Fuel Pipe (4 hours)

I spent the evening tinkering in the garage after work with Dale Carter (a neighbour).

Job 49 - Engine Wiring Connections

I set Dale to reading the manual to see if he could fathom out some of the connections! We took a step at a time.
  • Zip tied the ECU up to the battery cradle
  • Located the two ring terminals, but didn't connect them as we were sure were to connect them
  • Checked the brake light connections (already connected)
  • Routed the Lambda cable to the RHS of the engine bay
  • Connected the positive and negative cables to the battery cradle and routed down to the bell housing (negative) and starter motor (positive). We didn't connect them as there seem to be 3 threads to connect to and no reference as which to use?!
So having visited the wiring once again, its a task left in complete! :-(

Job 50 - Accelerator Cable

Easy to fit the cable, but as with other builders the accelerator pedal required some brut force (thanks Dale) to bend the pedal to take up the slack in the cable. We did it a little bit at a time and as others have said it took more bending than seems reasonable! In fact the only way to get enough of a bend we needed to put something behind the bottom of the accelerator pedal.
Accelerator Cable attached to the end of the plenum chamber 
Over view of the Accelerator Cable Route - Used zip ties to secure it to the engine lift hop and breather pipe
Accelerator Cable attached to the pedal, which had to be bent beyond a comfortable amount
Job 51 - Clutch Pipe

With the coolant pipework in situ, I was able to route the clutch pipe up alongside the battery bracket to the clutch master cylinder.

Clutch Cable routed under the coolant pipework and attached to the battery cradle
Job 52 - Fuel Pipe

A simple job, connecting the Fuel Pipe coming out up from the transmission tunnel, being careful to route it as once it is connected you can't undo it without a special tool.

Fuel Pipe was easy to route, but took confidence to fit as there is no undoing it once its done!

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  1. Dominic, Good to chat earlier. I didn't mention that there will be a few spade connectors, on the wiring loom down by the solenoid, that you don't need. I have just tie wrapped them up on the loom. I hadn't appreciated you had got so much more done, I was looking just the other day and saw the DeDion installation. Good to catch up with all the pictures.