19 March 2014

Day 40 - Rear Wings & Lights, Seats - Part 3, Hood - Part 2 & IVA Trim - Part 1 (1 Day)

This was to be the last full day I would have working on the car before it got picked up so needed to try and nail a lot of things that remained unfinished! Alex was on a day off again so was able to assist.

Job 122 - Rear Lights

Following the re-fitment of the Rear Wings it was time to fit the rear lights to the wings. A 30mm hole and the bottom inside hole had already been drilled. I levelled the car up with the aid of the jack and used the boot top and roll bar as reference points, using a spirit level to ensure that the light blocks were level. Pilot holes were drilled once the measurements had been taken, retaken and taken again for good measure. Once the pilot holes were successfully made, these were then opened up to 4mm and drilled from the opposite side. Self tapping screws were then used to fix the light blocks in place.

Fixing the light block - No bulbs in place. 
Rear Lights fixed in place
Job 123 - Seats - Part 3 (Passenger)

Having taken delivery of the new seat rail we tried again to fit the passenger seat! Again we managed to fit the front bolts easily enough, but the backs wouldn't fit so I took the decision to leave this to Caterham rather than strip another runner thread! I taped the remaining bolts to the seat for Midlands to complete.

Job 124 - Hood - Part 2

The hood had been left stretching over night and was a bit more supple today so we moved the hoodsticks to the correct location and and secures the hood straps in place. We then marked a location to drill the front 2 hood popper bolts into the chassis, once marked these were drilled and the popper bases secured with rivets.

Job 125 - IVA Trim - Part 1

Final job for the day was to start on the IVA trim. The following items were completed:

Exhaust Spring Mounts - Washer Pipe over the ends

Side Repeaters - Covered with Washer Pipe

  • AP Caliper Mounting Bolts
  • AP Inside Balance Pipe Bolt

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