22 December 2013

Day 5 - Engine Preparation (3 hours)

Following last nights activities we arrived home at lunch time, whilst Katey was wrapping Christmas presents I was instructed to get out the way so resorted to the Garage.

Job 15 - Removing the Bell housing from the Engine

Again being on my own I decided to see what else I could do on my own. Engine preparation was the order of the day. I took lots of photographs of the engine and bell house mounting before doing anything. I removed all the bolts between the engine and the bell housing making sure to keep them in order. At this stage I had to sneak back in to the house and ask for a pair of hands to assist. Katey obliged and we had the bell housing and engine separated within 5 minutes using a screwdriver to break the seal between the two. Thanks Katey. :-)

Engine prior to bell housing removal
Engine after bell housing removal
In side the bell housing
5 Speed Gearbox - Looking at where it attaches to the bell housing
Job 16 - Locating Parts!!

Back to working through the manual I started looking through the manual locating the parts i needed. As said before, no easy task. So it was out with the laptop and inventory list, typing the part names/numbers into the the Caterham Parts store to gain images and then locating them on the inventory list (to see if they had been supplied) and then rummaging through the boxes to find them! This took most of my time up today and I still haven't located the radiator top hose or earth cable.

Job 17 - Gearbox & Engine Mount Installation

Having located the various bits I could, I laid out the gearbox and bell housing and 'dry' fitted them without the gasket, installed the gearbox mount and engine mounts loosely (need the earth wire to complete).
Right Hand Engine Mount
Heading back into the house, i informed Katey that I struggled to locate a couple of items and she has offered to come and do a proper search of the boxes rather than a 'man' search, what do you think are the odds of her finding what we need!

Edit - Radiator top hose found very quickly, but no earth to chassis cable located. A call to Caterham if they are open tomorrow. Otherwise that will halt progress. :-(

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