21 December 2013

Day 4 - Suspension removal & refitting, Brake Unions, Washer Bottle & Horns (Half Day)

Following various Christmas do's (including our local Caterham gathering) and a busy week at work, Saturday was the next opportunity to get on with the Car.

Job 10 - Removing & Re-fitting Left Hand Front Suspension (adding in damper & wishbone sleeves)

With Katey's assistance we removed the left hand side suspension and and fitted the sleeves to the damper and upper rear wishbone. At this stage according to the instructions I should have already fitted the headlight mounts and should be moving on to fitting the front anti-roll bar.  Following others advice I decided to fit the headlight mounts once the engine was in and as a result have not fitted the anti-roll bar as this would restrict access fitting the headlight mounts.

Inside view of the fitted upright - No Anti-roll bar fitted
At this stage Katey left me to my own devices as she and Charlie (my sister-in-law) had food preparation to do for a family gathering later that evening.

Job 11 - Torquing the brake unions & master cylinder connections

Following the purchase and delivery of some crows feet spanner heads (very useful), I decided to use them to torque up the braided hoses between the calipers, body & internal pipe work.

Braided hoses between the caliper and body
 Job 12 - Torquing the Discs & Re-fitment of axle castle nut

After a discussion with Derek, I re-visted uprated discs & axle castle nut as I wanted to re-check the torque values (there is no reference to the torque values in the manual as these are usually already fitted). For reference the disc bolts are 47Nm and the castle nut, tight to hold the hub in place and then backed off half a turn.
Axle Castle Nut with split pin
Job 13 - Fitting the Washer Bottle, piping and jet

I looked to see what I could do on my own and ended up fitting the washer jet and and bottle to the car
using lots of zip ties to keep the piping tidy and secure.

Washer Bottle & Horns Fitted
Job 14 - Horn fitting

I then moved on to fitting the horns which was an easy task and decided that was enough for today as I needed to don my Christmas Jumper for the evening. :-)

Horn Close Up with a single cable for both Hi & Low Horns

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