10 November 2013

Pre Painting Preparation - First Spannering!

As you will have read and seen on the previously posts, the chassis was delivered unpainted. It isn't that I didn't want the car painting, it was the fact that I hadn't decided on what colour I wanted it at the time of specifying my final spec! I could have waited until I'd decided, but I wanted to make sure that I kept my place in the queue, before the Academy cars head out for the 2014 season!

I have decided on a colour, which I really hope works! Time will tell. 

Following a chat with a friend who will be painting the car for me, we made some plans to remove some bits to allow easier painting! So for the first time since taking delivery I opened the toolbox and started work! An exciting moment!

Followed by a very nerve racking moment drilling out my first rivet! I started with a 1.5mm bit, going up by half a mm at a time until the head came of the rivet with a 4mm drill bit! I wonder if I will be this cautious through the rest of the build! Will be a first if I am! :-)

So I removed the following:
  • Bonnet Catches
  • Windscreen wiper caps
  • Fog, Reversing & Numberplate lights & Mounts
  • Aero Filler Cap
  • Battery
  • Heated Windscreen - Yet to be removed
I decided to take photos before and after removing bits for my reference! But I won't bore you with them all.

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